MAJIKO is a famous and highly-skilled singer who started on the internet, her naturally beautiful voice won her a lot of fans.
MAJIKO's mother was a vocalist and voice trainer who influenced her heavily.
MAJIKO was brought up in a music environment surrounded by rock, soul music, jazz, and even folk music.
She uploaded her work on the internet for the first time in June 2010.
In December 2013, she attended ETA (EXIT TUNES ACADEMY), a very famous live event, and her talented singing surprised not only the audiences but also the other artists and staff.
In April 2015, her major debut album "Contrast" was released, composed by Horie Atsushi, a member of "Straightener", and arranged by Mikito-P.
This album included many famous vocaloid songs such as "Amadeus", "Kokoro Nashi", "Irony", "Hitorinbo Envy" and so on.
The album hit big using diverse styles in the songs.
In June 2015, MAJIKO performed her first solo live in Tokyo KINEMA Club to a completely sold out venue.
Recently, MAJIKO has been working on composing and writing lyrics, showing her talent in broader fields.