After he stopped performing in a band, Mikito-P uploaded a song "Kokuhaku" and began his career as Vocaloid producer.
At first, Mikito-P used the Vocaloid "miki", which is the origin of the name Mikito-P.
Following "SECRET DVD", he began to use "Hatsune Miku" instead for songs.
In August 2011, his work "Sayoko" was viewed over 100,000 times.
He has created "Shinzou Democracy", "Setsuna Plus", and many other hit songs.
Mikito-P's most well-known work, "I-Aru Fan Club" was released in August 2012, having accumulated over 4,000,000 views.
He released popular and highly talked about songs like "Sarishinohara", "Yudachi no Ribbon", etc.
Centering songs around the guitar melody, he has created sentimental songs, cute songs, pop songs and more, never rigidly adhering to certain style. Mikito-P also provides songs to other artists to use, not just himself.
His solo vocal album " MIKIROKU" will be out in November 18, 2015.