Since he debuted at KONAMI with the music game "beatmania IIDX", Ryu☆ has continued to impress as a dance track creator.
He is good at making up-tempo dance music with catchy melodies. He's become a very famous creator in the BEMANI series.
He provided songs for different types of BENAMI, and at the same time he started as a member of the BEMANI label "beatnation".
Besides the game and club scenes, he also create works in other J-POP fields.
He formed a unit with Starving Trancer under the name "Another Infinity".
They created a remix version of "Yuriyurarararayuru Yuri Daijiken", a song from the anime "Yuru Yuri", the 9th opening theme and the 11th ending theme of the anime "Fairy Tale" (Shukan Shonen Magazine), the ending theme of the anime "Yuyushiki" (Manga Time Kirara), etc with rave reviews within Japan and from overseas.