Checkmate!? / MICHI


The first 19 year-old female anisong singer from Okinawa will release her 2nd single!
After auditioning, she debuted with such a bang that her songs served as both the opening and ending theme song for TV anime series "Rokka -Braves of the Six Flowers-".
Okinawa is pretty limited in anime exposure.
She was born in a town called "Koza", known as a place of music and grew up to be a "getter" (meaning Otaku in Okinawa dialect).
That pure passion of hers and love for music and anime above all else is reflected in her direct and relaxed singing voice.
It really gives you a sense that she's always "getter-ing" better.
Only 2 months after her domestic debut, she accomplished her first foreign debut by performing at Anime Festival Asia Indonesia 2015 (AFAID).
Her magnificent performance livened up the entire audience, 3000 people strong, in the largest hall at AFAID despite being a new, up and coming singer.
The new song on her 2nd single is a jazzy up-tempo song with an impressive acoustic and swinging guitar sound.
Elements Garden has handled the sound production since her debut single.
It has even decided that the new single will serve as the opening theme song for the upcoming TV anime series "Dagashi Kashi", which will air on TBS and other channels starting in January 2016.
"Dagashi Kashi" is a popular manga currently serialized in the magazine "Weekly Shonen Sunday".

*dagashi are cheap sweets and snacks popular among children

MICHI's comment about her 2nd single being selected to be the opening theme song for TV anime series "Dagashi Kashi":

I'm so happy to hear that my new single will serve as the opening theme song of "Dagashi Kashi"!
I'm sure fans of "Dagashi Kashi" also love dagashi, but anyone else who loves dagashi or even used to go to dagashi stores in the past really should watch this anime!
You won't be able to stop laughing not matter how many times you watch it!
This anime feels so nostalgic, reminding me of the dagashi I would eat and toys I would play with.
So I recommend you always have your favorite nostalgic dagashi on hand when you watch this anime!

I've loved dagashi since a very long time ago and it is not too much to say I was raised on dagashi because there were dagashi shops everywhere, like in front of my house, behind my school, and on the way back home from school.

Not to mention that I experienced quite the miracle at one of those dagashi shops.
There is this ice cream sold only in Okinawa (called "Anpan-man Ice") with a lottery.
When I was a kindergarten student, I miraculously won the lottery six consecutive times! Dagashi stores are full of those potential miracles that children dream about!

I think everyone has their own memories about dagashi, so I'm really excited that a story about dagashi is being made into an anime series.
Even people that don't usually watch anime should be able to enjoy it too.
I'm a really lucky person to have my song chosen as the theme song for such a wonderful anime!
I was determined to put my slightly excessive love for dagashi into the opening song and give it the best start possible!
I hope you will think of this song every time you eat dagashi.
Everyone, let's get excited about "Dagashi Kashi" together by listening to "Checkmate!?"!!

[MICHI's favorite dagashi]
chocolate donuts
calpas (a small dried sausage)
kushi-castella (sponge cakes on a stick)
Bob Dog's cocoa cigarette (candy that looks like a cigarette)
Amaike-Taro (sliced squid)
Buta-men (small pork cup noodles)
Himo-ame (candy on string)
Potato snack (potato chips - steak flavor)
Unichi-kun gumi (a gummy candy that like poop)
Youkai-kemuri (a toy you can make smoke with)
Santy (Okinawa local drink)