PENKI / Maaya Uchida


Maaya Uchida’s 1st album!
This album really builds on the potential that Maaya Uchida has shown in her singles so far.
It’ll be exciting to watch how her skill develops from here.
The entire album tells a story with its songs and lyrics, from the prologue to epilogue. This first album is a perfect climax to highlight her progress since 2014, when the project began.
Everyone will be left wanting to hear more of Maaya Uchida after this!

Akihiro Tomita (Music Producer)
He is the music producer for Maon Kurosaki and played a role in the scouting and debut of ClariS.
He was also the creative coordinator of KOTOKO.
Now, he is the producer and main writer for "Lis Ani" in addition to his work as a music critic and radio personality.



  1. Hello, 1st contact!
    lyrics & music:Tomoya Tabuchi(UNISON SQUARE GARDEN), 
    arrangement :Yashikin
  2. Gimme! Revolution
    lyrics:Kodamasaori , music:Tomoya Tabuchi(UNISON SQUARE GARDEN), 
  3. Karappo Capsule
    lyrics & music:Sho Watanabe,
    arrangement:Katsuhiko Kurose
  4. Craft Sweet Heart
    lyrics & music: Sho Watanabe,
    arrangement:Katsuhiko Kurose
  5. Distorted World
    lyrics, music & arrangement:y0c1e
  6. North Child
    lyrics, music & arrangement: Ryosuke Shigenaga
  7. Sousho Innocence
    lyrics:Chiaki Ishikawa, music & arrangement: R・O・N
  8. Winter has come
    music & arrangement:R・O・N
  9. Watashi no stage
    lyrics:Maaya Uchida, Shiori,
    music & arrangement:Shinya Saito
  10. Takanari no solfege
    lyrics: Kodamasaori,
  11. Sekai ga Katachi Nakushitemo
    lyrics:samfree, Yousuke Sawa,
    music:samfree, arrangement:Ryo Takahashi
  12. Kinniro no Yuuki
    lyrics:Natsumi Watanabe,
    music & arrangement:fu_mou
  13. Hello, future contact!
    lyrics & music:Tomoya Tabuchi(UNISON SQUARE GARDEN), 
    arrangement :Yashikin