Bring it on!
Men in pursuit of their passion – let the battles begin!

The anime adaptation of the blockbuster manga “Hinomaru Sumo” (Original work by: Kawada / Comics Volumes 1 – 22 on sale now) serialized in Shonen Jump Weekly! (Shueisha)
An intense and passionate coming-of-age story of friendship, hard work, and victory as high school sumo wrestlers lay their dreams on the line in heated battle!


Sumo, one of the few “open class” combat sports, is the ancient Japanese martial art where “bigger” and “heavier” are better.
In the world of high school sumo, athletes blessed with large build and talent are touted as “national treasures”. However, the protagonist is the small-framed Hinomaru Ushio, who takes on the name of “National Treasure Onimaru Kunitsuna” – one of the five greatest swords forged in Japan – and challenges giants with his less than formidable high school sumo team members.
Their dream is to attain the top level in the world of sumo – the coveted rank of “Yokozuna”!



Original work by: Kawada “Hinomaru Sumo”

Executive Director: Konosuke Uda

Director: Yasutaka Yamamoto

Character Design: Kii Tanaka

Animation Production: GONZO

Production: NAS


Hinomaru Ushio voiced by Atsushi Abe

Shinya Ozeki voiced by Fukushi Ochiai

Yuma Gojo voiced by Kentaro Kumagai

Chihiro Kunisaki voiced by Takuya Sato

Kei Mitsuhashi voiced by Ayumu Murase

Kirihito Tsuji voiced by Takuma Terashima