The novel that won the Special Jury Prize in the 7th Kyoto Animation Awards is released as an anime adaptation!
“Tsurune” – the sound produced by the bow when releasing an arrow.
For an archer, creating a beautiful “tsurune” is pure joy that seizes the heart and never lets go. The same sound can never be produced twice – Each “tsurune” is a unique meeting and farewell.
For Minato Narumiya, it all began with “tsurune…”
The story depicts the trajectory of young first-year high school boys which soars like an arrow on an endless arc. Through Japanese archery, they gain invaluable life experiences and friends.
A brilliant coming-of-age “Kyudo” (Japanese archery) anime!


The story opens with Minato Narumiya beginning his freshman year at the local Kazemai High School.
Mr. Tomi, advisor to the Japanese archery Club, is keen to recruit Minato, as well as his childhood friends Seiya Takehaya and Ryohei Yamanouchi. Ryohei convinces the reluctant Minato to attend the Club’s orientation, where he also meets Kaito Onogi and Nanao Kisaragi.
Singling Minato out, Mr. Tomi introduces him as a rare Japanese archery talent and asks him to demonstrate in front of everyone. However, Minato’s arrow fails to hit the mark because he is afflicted by a serious condition…
Minato, Seiya, Ryohei, Nanao and Kaito—Japanese archery brings them together. What will they attain as they struggle through their beautiful, yet “bitter” youth?



Original work:“Tsurune – Kazemai High School Japanese Archery Club” by Kotoko Ayano

Director: Takuya Yamamura

Story Editor: Michiko Yokote

Character Design: Miku Kadowaki

Music: Harumi Fuki


Minato Narumiya voiced by Yuto Uemura

Seiya Takehaya voiced by Aoi Ichikawa

Ryohei Yamanouchi voiced by Ryota Suzuki

Nanao Kisaragi voiced by Shogo Yano

Kaito Onogi voiced by Kaito Ishikawa

Masaki Takigawa / Masa-san voiced by Shintaro Asanuma

Syu Fujiwara voiced by Kensho Ono